Laboratory studies

Clinical Laboratory of Clinic “Sagittarius” is equipped with modern analyzers: SYSMEX KX-21N; STAT FAX 3300, STAT FAX 4200; STAT FAX 2200; STAGO START; Urisys 1400, COBAS H 232;

Which concludes more than 130 different laboratory tests. Large majority of laboratory tests do not require advance preparation; Before passing the material for some tests, certain conditions are necessary.

Receiving and delivery of materials in our laboratory is carried out in full compliance with the rules. The high quality of the studies confirms the quality control implemented in the clinic, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates and practically excludes testing errors.

Neuralgia Treatment

Treatment includes drug therapy, physiotherapy and/ or surgery, aimed to relieve pain....

Epilepsy Treatment

Various methods to diagnose and treat various forms of seizures aim to restore a patient’s...

Doctors Timetable


Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.