Plasopharmase is a remedy for disinfecting and disinfecting organisms from harmful substances that can be used to treat and prevent more than 200 diseases. The clinic “Sagittarius” has been introduced with the modern methods of modern-membrane plasphephase. The procedure is performed by the device HAEMONETICS PCS2, which is recognized as the leader of blood transfusion systems. The membrane plasopharmase is the method of cleansing the most modern, safe and hygienic blood, during which the toxins, abnormal cells, infectious and allergic agents from the organism, strengthening the immune system of the body, improving the blood reaction properties and rejuvenation of the cells. Advantages of membrane plasophoresis From plasopharmase, the only harmful, toxic substances that are allocated from the blood and the blood component are not the loss of substances necessary for the organism. Plasopharmase is used: Gynecology (chronic, infectious diseases of the uterus and its supplements, infertility, menstrual syndrome, preparation of extracorporeal fertilization, gestosis, prophylaxis of rhesus-conflict); Rheumatology (arthritis, systemic diseases); Dermatology (eczema, psoriasis, urticaria, dermatitis, furunculus); Immunology (allergic, autoimmune, infectious diseases); Neurology (Myosthenia, Neuropathy); Endocrinology (diabetes, thyrotoxic conditions); Gastroenterology (cholecystyst, pancreatitis); Hepatology (various viral diseases of the liver, hepatosis); Chronic fatigue syndrome Alcoholic and narcotic intoxication syndrome;

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