Neurology – clinical medicine, which studies the emergence and progress of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, their diagnosis, treatment and prevention. The modern methods of diagnosis in neurology (ultrasound examination, radiological tomography, modern laboratory methods) provide early detection of nervous system diseases and their effective prevention and treatment. In the clinic “Sagittarius” you will be consulted by an experienced neurologist and help solve the nervous system problems. The major diseases of our center are treated by our specialists: Diseases of central and peripheral nervous system: neuralgia, migraine, depression, neuroses, chronic fatigue, memory loss, disorders of cerebral blood circulation (stroke, transient ischemia).

Neuralgia Treatment

Treatment includes drug therapy, physiotherapy and/ or surgery, aimed to relieve pain....

Epilepsy Treatment

Various methods to diagnose and treat various forms of seizures aim to restore a patient’s...


Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.

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