Endocrinology – Science is about diseases of the gland in the internal secretion and their functions. Internal secretion glands produce blood and hormones that affect the metabolism, thus changing the functions of the body or its individual organs and systems – endocrine system is of particular importance in the process of animal activity such as growth, development, and metabolism of the organism. Diseases of the endocrine system include diabetes mellitus, typhoid, hypothyroidism, nervous goiter, hyperaractericosis, or acromegaly. The medical center “Sagittari” offers the most advanced treatments of diabetes, thyroid gland, kidney glands, effective treatment, and diagnosis and prevention of complications. The center is guaranteed individual approach to each patient; Highly qualified endocrinologists offer optimal treatment options, taking into consideration all the peculiarities of illness. Complex programs of the Center’s endocrinologists include not only therapeutic procedures but also the development of a special diet and a short course of self control.

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