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Therapy – is a part of medicine that will study internal organs. Internal diseases are some of the pathologies of internal organs, where the whole system of the body comes into blood circulation, digestive, endocrine, respiratory and other systems. Therapist: An Internal Disease Specialist, or a broad-profile doctor, who directs the diagnosis to conduct a study, sets out a treatment program or sends a patient with a narrow profile specialist. The doctor-therapist also detects the causes of the disease, carrying prophylaxis. Highly qualified physician will require deep knowledge of different fields of medicine. Doctor-therapists also care about the attitude of patients with chronic illness on the stages of the illness stages if you do not know what your illness is connected to, the pain and discomfort, first of all, should consult a doctor-therapist. After initial consultation, during which the doctor will listen to you, you will be able to test the simplest examination, you will be diagnosed with the consequences of which you will be diagnosed or treated or treated with the specialist in whose competence you are entitled to this disease or illness. Our medical center receives high qualification and experience with a great experience-therapist who will accurately establish and conduct effective treatment of the disease.

Neuralgia Treatment

Treatment includes drug therapy, physiotherapy and/ or surgery, aimed to relieve pain....

Epilepsy Treatment

Various methods to diagnose and treat various forms of seizures aim to restore a patient’s...

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